5 Signs To Replace Your Boiler

A boiler is important for both house owners and for commercial purposes. It is very essential to warm up water and provide heat in the house. But a boiler does not last forever. They become less effective with time. So, new boiler installation and replacement are important with time. In this blog, we have listed the top 5 signs to replace your boiler. 

  1. AGE

Even the best boiler will not last forever. Typical boiler last upto almost fifteen years. Cast iron boilers last longer but they are not much energy efficient when they get older. So, even though if they last for thirty years and more, but it is time to replace them. You should know that it is the end of its lifespan and it is time to replace your boiler. 


If your boiler starts utilizing more cost than usual, it means that the boiler is not operating at its fullest. It might require a small repair or require a complete replacement of the boiler. Like any other thing, heating equipment does not perform well when it gets older. Although, maintenance and repairment can also help sometimes this will result in wastage of money. It is time to replace your boiler. 


If your boiler becomes much noisier than before and you get scared because of the loud noise, then this is the indication that it is time to replace your old boiler with a new one. The louder noise of an old boiler is not normal. Although boilers make noise, but if they produce loud bangs and clanging, you should get it checked as soon as possible. Louder noise means that there might be a pressure issue or blockage. If the problem is bad enough, then you should replace your boiler. 


If your boilers start leaking, then you should get them checked by facility or building managers. 

This could indicate the replacement of the boiler. If the boiler requires extra makeup water, it indicates an issue as well. Leask should be checked as soon as possible because they can turn into floods and end up benign very costly. However, leaks can be fixed usually but it is necessary to get them checked out. 


If you notice hot or cold spots in the boiler, then it is a sign of getting a new boiler. If the parts of the building are hotter than other variations in temperature throughout the day, it might be time for a replacement. 

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